Examination Guidelines


Examination Timings

The Examination Timings as given in the Examination Schedule, which will be displayed on Website will be as per Indian Standard Time (IST) in Kolkata Time Zone. The students may please note that the Examination timings are not based on their local time and they need to be aware of the time difference.

Commencement of Examination

Examinations will commence from 18 Sep - 2020.

Examination Schedule will be notified on Website. Make sure that you login on time on respective platform. The login details for course specific examinations will be communicated separately as per the mode of examination schedule.

Marking Scheme

Each MCQ in sections 2 to 5 choices with one correct answer.

Duration of the Online MCQ Examination

The duration of the online Examination for MCQ mode is 2 hours.

Technology Platform for MCQ BASED On-line Examination

PIZONE Platform will be used for MCQ paper and Students will be informed about the link (web address) and the link for the mock test before the start of the test by email and SMS.

MCQ Mode Examination is accessible on any device (Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile) connected to consistent Internet connection with bandwidth of minimum 1.5 Mbps with an internet browser but use of Desktop or Laptop with latest version of Chrome/Firefox/Edge/Safari for better experience is recommended. The device should be connected to uninterrupted power

Examination Misconduct

School takes matters of Academic Misconduct very seriously. Anyone suspected of Misconduct during examination will be reported to Examination Department (ED) and may be called to appear before ED online.

All the best, Stay safe.